Soundcraft SPIRIT-FX16


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Live Sound:
– Bands, Small Venues, Clubs, Conferences, Schools, Houses of Worship
– Studio Recording:
– Digital/Analogue Multitracking (8 or 16 track), Small/Home Studios, Pre-/Post-Production

Key Features:
– 26 inputs as standard
– 16 mono channels with high quality UltraMic™ pre-amps
– 4 stereo returns
– 4-bus architecture, with sub-group routable to mix
– Built-in Lexicon dual effects processor
– Direct outputs for multitrack recording individually switchable for pre-post-fade operation
– Inserts on all mono channels
– Inserts on stereo mix bus
– 3-band ‘British’ EQ with swept mid-band
– Stereo 18dB/octave 100Hz high-pass filter to cut stage rumble
– +48V phantom power
– Channel Mute control
– 10-segment tri-coloured metering
– Two sub-group outputs
– Separate mono sum output